Hanky Panky

With a reputation for designing ‘The World’s Most Comfortable Thong’, Hanky Panky’s signature lace thongs and panties fuse comfort with style to create innovative lingerie which exudes sophistication. The original set of lingerie was crafted from embroidered handkerchiefs by Gale Epstein in 1977, providing the inspiration behind the brand’s name, which, today is synonymous with comfort and quality. Hanky Panky lingerie is carefully designed,using the finest fabrics and exclusive laces to ensure specific stretch qualities, softness and fit, with more stiches per inch than other lingerie which results in a more durable, high quality product. Hanky Panky continue to manufacture their lingerie in the Northeast of the USA where they have done so since the company was first established. This allows efficient quality control and helps to support the US economy.