Helen Moore

Fully crafted in North Devon, England, Helen Moore provides luxurious and bold faux fur accessories for an added pop of style and cosy warmth without the need for animal-based furs. With a love for fashion and dedication to British manufacturing, Helen Moore has driven her family business into trading for now over 30 years with a continued focus on designing and distributing every item from their own factory. With most products achieving the PETA vegan stamp of approval, the collection features an extensive range of scarfs, cosy slippers, hats, clutch bags, wrist warmers, keyrings, fuzzy hot water bottles, and homeware cushions for a full collection of warm faux fur accessories. Featuring a variety of on-trend colourways from dusty pink to sea green, try adding a unique pop to your winter look with animal prints including artic leopard, ocelot, and lynx for a stand out finish. With every cut and stitch considered, discover your favourite cold weather accessory with our extensive range of luxurious Helen Moore accessories.


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