Mackintosh offer a unique fusion of nostalgia and contemporary design to create their range of contemporary British outerwear which retains a traditional feel. The simple and sophisticated designs such as the women's Banton Coat and Men's Duncan Coat are timeless pieces which express individual style. The history of the Mackintosh brand date back to 1823 when Glasgow chemist Charles Mackintosh developed his revolutionary Mackintosh Cloth which was produced by spreading natural liquid rubber between two fabrics before pressing and applying heat. This created a formal waterproof fabric which was highly innovative at the time as it provided a solution to the issue of keeping dry when horse riding or travelling by horse drawn carriage. The innovation, superior quality and functionality of this unique fabric drew wide appeal which led to Mackintosh being adopted as the official coat for the British Army during World Wars one and two as well as being the overcoat uniform for British Rail. Even today, rain coats are often referred to a Mackintoshes or Macs which allows the name of the great Scottish inventor to hold a place in history. The brand continues to evolve by exploring new contemporary collections while retaining a classic feel.